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Cometdocs File Converter

July 9th, 2012 by

What is a file converter?

A file converter simply converts one file format into another. For instance, if you have a Word document (.doc) that you wish was actually a PDF, you could use a file converter to convert the Word document into a PDF. The problem with many file converters is that the conversion process will often distort your document. Cometdocs has gone to great lengths to help insure proper file conversion with over 50 different file types. 


I convert document types all the time, and I was really excited when I lucked up and found Cometdocs! Not only does it convert numerous file types, but it’s also FREE! How can you not love free stuff! 


What else rocks about Cometdocs?

FREE is my favorite thing about Cometdocs, but it’s closely followed by the fact that Cometdocs is an online service. This means I don’t have to download, install, or configure any software to convert the documents I need. I hate filling up my hard-drive with a ton of “small” programs, so anything that’s offered online has my vote from the beginning.


If you work with comma separated value (.csv) files, or .html files, or just about anything else, you can convert it with Cometdocs. The geeky side of my had a lot of fun converting various file formats just to see how well Cometdocs did at performing the conversions. So far, everything I’ve converted has been spot on with the original file.


How Do I Use Cometdocs?

Cometdocs is really easy to use. Simply point your browser at Once on the site you’ll see the online file converter. Simply upload your document, select the conversion you want, enter your email, send the request, and wait for a confirmation email with a link to your newly converted file.


Another great thing about Cometdocs is that they don’t brand any of the documents you convert. Go try it out!