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Google Analytics Configuration Tool Overview

July 13th, 2012 by

Note: This information is intended for clients and readers who are already somewhat familiar with navigating, and working with Google Analytics.


Simplifying Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Setup & Configuration Tool provides you with several setup and configuration tools for tracking website activity via Google Analytics (GA). If you’ve never used GA before, this tool may be really confusing. If you’re used to working with GA this tool will probably help you speed things up, unless you’re already a pro at GA scripting.


 Google Analytics Setup and Configuration Tool Overview


Setup Tools

The setup section of the tool walks you through setting up your account in various ways including:

– One domain w/ subdomains

– Multiple domains w/ subdomain

– Site search

– 404 error tracking


The setup tool will help you start tracking data whether you’ve got 1 website to track, or multiple websites to track. My favorite thing about the setup tools is just how easy it makes things. Simply choose what you want to do, what method of tracking you’re using, and copy the generated script. Where’s my “That was easy” button when I need it?


Configuration Tools 

Since my website is already setup with GA, my favorite part of the “toolbox” is the Configuration area. The “Event Tracking” tool is my absolute favorite of the configuration tools. If you want to track events that don’t forward to a confirmation page upon conversion, this tool will help simplify things for you. The tool will even tell you how to add the event into your GA Goals. I’m working on another article that will walk you through the whole process of creating an event, and adding it to your website and GA. 


The remainder of the configuration tools are equally useful, but are only a little less cryptic than the instructions you’ll find inside Google Analytics. If you’re used to working with GA, you’ll find them helpful. If you’re not used to working with GA, you’ll probably be head shaking.


You Might Not Be On This Level Yet

If you’re looking at the tool and thinking to yourself “What The Heck Is This”, then you might not be ready for this tool just yet. If you need some help wrapping your head around Google Analytics or just want someone to set it up for you, let us know and we’ll get you going!