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Highly Focused Website Design

October 4th, 2012 by

Definition: A highly focused website design incorporates different templates into an overall website design. One template is used for your normal web pages, while a focused content template is basically a stripped down version of your normal web page. If your company sells products, a highly focused page would focus solely on a single product. If your company provides services, this page would focus only on a single service. 


 Highly focused segments (sometimes called Landing Pages) of your website can be extremely powerful marketing tools. Not only do they focus only on a specific topic, product, or service, they also provide you with a powerful tool for analyzing your visitors interests. By integrating such pages into your website design you can begin to fine tune your website.


What Does A Highly Focused Website Design Look Like? 

The following list outlines some of the basic characteristics of highly focused web pages:

  • Limited Navigation Menu
    You want a visitor to this page to focus exclusively on the page content.
  • No Outside Advertising
    Don’t display ads for other products on this page.
  • Exclusive information
    Don’t just tell visitors how great your product or service is, show them here.
  • Convert
    Provide visitors with the opportunity to purchase a product, or get more information.

Some of this may not make a lot of sense to you right now, but let me show you a basic example of a highly focused page. The example isn’t exactly a sales pitch, but the focus is very evident and distractions from the focus are almost non-existent. The example I present to you is the YouTube 2012 Election page.


This page is very different from what you normally see on YouTube. You’ll notice there are no advertisements, no irrelevant videos, and navigation to other areas of the site is very minimal. Add this all together and YouTube has provided you with a very focused web page.

YouTube Politics: A highly focused website design


My Take on YouTube: Politics

No, I’m not going to waste my time telling you my political views. I will tell you that I love the design elements of this site. It’s clean and simple, and it sticks to the point. I can find a ton of information on this page without being lost in its scope.


This is important! You don’t want your visitors to become overwhelmed. Use powerful content, but use it wisely. Make the most important information available directly on the page, and allow visitors to request additional information via email. Additional information can be in the form of another web page, pdf eBook, video, etc. This extra information is a good way to begin the process of converting visitors into customers.


Make It Happen!

Now that you know what a highly focused web page is, go out and find some for yourself. Learn from what others are doing. There’s not really a wrong and right way to do things, but I’m sure you’ll find things you like and dislike about the pages you find. Use that information to begin building a plan for your own “landing pages”.


If you need help creating highly focused pages for your website, of you’re in need of a complete website design we’d be happy to help! Click for more information about creating a highly focused website design.