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Why I Love WordPress Website Design

July 16th, 2012 by

What is WordPress?

Before I start telling you why I love creating WordPress website designs, I thought it might be a good idea to tell you what WordPress is. In short, WordPress is a “publisher-focused” Content Management System (CMS). You can post blog articles, create pages (such as an About Us page), edit pages and posts, manage users, and a whole lot more. The primary goal of the software is to make editing, updating, and publishing content easy for users of every level.


WordPress has simple tools for the average user, and has super powers available for designers and developers who want to control every aspect of the software. Okay, not super powers, but as a developer “the sky is the limit” in terms of what you can accomplish with WordPress. 


I often tell people “If you can turn on your computer and find a website with your browser, you can figure out how to publish pages with WordPress”. And if you can’t turn on a computer and use your browser, I can still teach you how to use the software. 


Why I Stick To WordPress Website Designs

  • Plugins exist for almost any application you can think of.
    As in more than 20,000 FREE plugins!
  • WordPress websites don’t look like template websites.
    WordPress doesn’t hamstring developers by forcing them use clunky pieces of code. The result is that a WordPress website can look and feel however you want, and still function correctly.
  • Clients can easily manage their own websites.
    The Visual Editor makes editing your website very similar to working with a word processing program.
  • The software makes it easy to optimize content.
    WordPress does a great job of creating highly index-able content, which is great for search engine visibility. There’s also a multitude of plugins available that specifically address SEO.


It’s Easy To Use

WordPress’ usability is one of the most valuable aspects of the software. The “Visual Editor” makes publishing really simple for users of all levels. If you know a little HTML, you can swap back and forth between the Visual Editor and the HTML Editor to really have control over your content.


In addition to easily working with text, you can also easily add photos, graphics, documents, and videos to your website page or post via the “Add Media” icon. Using this button will automatically insert all HTML tags and information for whatever you’re inserting.


Evening linking to other pages or websites is really simple in the Visual Editor. You simply select the text you want to turn into a link, and click the link icon. Once you insert the link address, you’ve just added a new link to your page or post. 


It’s Great For Publishing & Collaboration

One of the coolest things about WordPress from a workflow perspective is that you no longer need to depend on desktop publishing software to prepare documents for your website. WordPress can check grammar and spelling, save drafts, insert pictures and video, and publish the final product when you’re ready.


If you’re working with a team or other editors/authors you can collaborate with them within WordPress. You can set access permissions for documents while your developing them and control who can view the documents. Forget about emailing things back and forth, now your entire team can work without waiting for an email with a revised document. This is just one more way WordPress can make you more efficient and increase productivity.


My Clients Love It

My clients have greatly benefited from having an easy-to-use solution for maintaining their websites. I have clients who could barely turn on a computer who now manage all their own updates, and rarely run into a snag. Teaching clients how to use WordPress is a lot of fun, and rewarding for all parties involved! Making my clients happy is my main goal, and WordPress helps me achieve and maintain that goal!


If your website doesn’t run on WordPress, contact us for information about custom WordPress website designs!

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