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WPCore: Easily Manage WordPress Plugins

November 5th, 2014 by

WPCore Features


WordPress plugins can be excellent tools for improving your WordPress website. From security to content presentation, there are plugins to help you do just about anything you can think of. Not all of the plugins out there are worth installing on your website, but when you find a plugin you really like you don’t want to lose track of it.



The WPCore plugin makes keeping track of your favorite plugins really easy. You simply need to install the WPCore plugin on your WordPress website, and create a collection of your favorite plugins. You can create multiple collections for different uses, and easily import those collections into new WordPress installs, or other WordPress websites you may have. 

As a website designer, WPCore makes it really simple for me to quickly install all of the plugins I commonly use when building a website.


Another really cool feature of the WPCore plugin is the ability to bulk install plugins. This is probably my favorite feature of the plugin. I don’t normally use a ton of plugins when building a website, but every little bit of time saved helps! 


WPCore Collections



The free version of the WPCore plugin allows you to store up to 5 collections with up to 18 plugins in each collection. The free version will only allow you to add plugins from the repository, but for most people this shouldn’t be an issue. The premium version of the plugin allows up to 100 collections of up to 100 plugins per collection, and you can add custom plugins. Premium users will also receive plugin update notifications for their collections.


If you’re on the hunt for plugin collections, you can browse hundreds of public collections created by members on the WPCore website. Here you’ll find all kinds of collections for different uses. No matter what your project, there’s probably a collection that will help you get started.


To start your WordPress plugin collection with WPCore, visit:

 Images courtesy of WPCore