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Tips For Creating Quality Content

July 27th, 2012 by

We all want to draw new business, and a surefire way to do that is by creating engaging content that keeps visitors interested. Writing quality content can often be really frustrating. Many of us have a hard time coming up with what we think are interesting ideas. The tips below are aimed at giving you a few different methods to start generating ideas for new content. They’re not anything top-secret, but some of them are often overlooked.


Writing Quality Content 


Feature & Compare

If your business sells a product or products, you’re already blessed with a goldmine of writing potential. You can spend a lot of time writing quality content about the products you offer. Each week you could create a “Featured Product” post that goes into detail about a specific product. This alone will carry you a long way in terms of content creation if you have multiple products.


Additionally, you can also compare your products. You don’t necessarily want to pit them against each other. Instead select a couple somewhat contrasting products and talk in detail about how their uses differ from one another. This will not only create even more content, it will provide potential customers with valuable information about the intended use of your products.


Ask For Help

Your clients and visitors are a great source of content ideas. You don’t need to come right out and ask them what to write about. Instead, when a customer asks a question about a product or service write down the question and refer to it later. Think about how you answered the question, and if the question is something others have asked before. If so, it’s undoubtedly a common question and worthy of a post. If you have several questions on the same topic, group them together for a really nice article. The same thing goes for questions and comments you receive via the internet. These are both great sources for content creation.


Experience Is The Key

Use your experience to set your company apart from other companies. If you’ve learned a few tips or tricks along the way, share them with your audience. This stuff is like gold to people who visit your website. Teaching people how to do things will help them realize your level of expertise, and it will also help create loyal customers.


Write Everday

As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” If you want to be able to write, you need to practice. You don’t have to right a 500 word essay every day. Instead, make a few notes about important topics that came up throughout the day. A side effect of this exercise is that you will often jot down notes about topics that will eventually become content on your website. It’s simple to take a few notes everyday. Just try it if you don’t believe me!


Video Blogs

If you love to talk, but hate to write then video blogging might be the ticket for you. Instead of writing all the content on your website, mix in some videos that cover the same topics a regular blog post would. Video blogs are gaining in popularity with internet users who prefer to watch and listen as opposed to reading. You’ll definitely get a traffic boost when you incorporate and promote videos on your website. Just remember, you’ll still need to layout the content before creating a video. The nice thing here is you can just write down shorthand notes to organize your thoughts.


Wrapping Up

Hopefully some of these tips will help increase your content creation productivity! If you have any comments or questions, be sure to contact us! See, I’m taking my own advice already! If you’d like more information about developing creative habits, check out this article on Establishing Creative Habits by Andrianes Pinantoan.